Our mission

At Dymic we truly value all our clients. In a very real way, your success is our success. That may sound like a business cliché, but it’s true. The better you do, the better we will do. Period.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Dymic was formed by three friends, who also happen to be Internet marketing veterans that share the same vision of what a digital agency should be. We believe that effective digital marketing is so much more than merely promoting a company’s visibility online. Given the ever-growing complexities of the digital landscape, and the rise of international scammers and fraudsters, we believe digital marketing companies should take on a multifaceted approach that address all the major hurdles many businesses will face online.


Our philosophy is that it’s not good enough to increase a client’s online visibility, when their reputation has been tarnished by bad reviews. Likewise, it’s also not enough to then improve their online reputation, when fraudsters are using this good reputation to steal their brand. This is why we believe in our online review management, reputation management, and brand protection services as a fundamental part of what we do.

We strive to be
the best and do
awesome work.

The Founders

  • Dennis KirwanDennis
    With years of being a venture capitalist and leader, Dennis excels in top level business and client relations.
  • Jesse HellerJesse
    Jesse has had over 7 years of experience leading and building sales teams. He is a leader and veteran manager.
  • Michael WelchMichael
    An entrepreneur at heart, visionary and networker. He brings business to a right brained creative company.


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