Brand Protection in the Age of Cyber Fraud

As you know the Internet is a vast and wonderful network that allows for amazing innovations in business, distribution, and marketing. Unfortunately, this landscape also produces innovation in how fraudsters scam consumers and companies, alike. This fact has made brand protection more important today than ever before.


The list of what Internet scammers can do to steal from companies is long and the list is growing. A few examples of brand theft are:


• Cybersquatting
• False association with your brand
• Pay-Per-Click tricks
• Gray Market scams
• Typo-squatting


These cyber-pirates make a living off the good reputations of reputable companies. If nothing is done to stop them, they will simply chip away at a company’s online reputation. Consumers will eventually learn to no longer trust certain brands after they continually find themselves the victims of one scam or another.


We can help your company aggressively combat these scammers. We are brand protection specialists that can expertly identify and then eliminate instances of brand fraud. We can help your company maintain its integrity online and protect your customers from being tricked and abused.


Speak with one of our representatives to find out what we can do to protect your brand online.

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