Consumer Complaints

There are websites out there dedicated to letting people complain about their experiences with companies. These complaints can come from former customers, disgruntled employees, or even random trolls who take sadistic pleasure in publically attacking companies.


The worst part is most of these sites do not even fact check their users, and so commenters are free to post whatever they want, fact or fiction. I’m not going to call out these sites by name, but maybe you’re familiar with a few of them. Perhaps, your company has fallen victim to some of these sites?


Let’s make something perfectly clear; these consumer complaints are really bad for business. Studies have shown that over 90% of consumers read online reviews, which includes complaints sites. To make matters potentially worse, approximately 40% of consumers will form their entire opinion of a company based on reading as few as one online review. So if your company has even one negative consumer complaint, your reputation could be getting a beating.


At Dymic, we work hard to give you the tools to manage these consumer complaints, and drown them out so potential customers aren’t negatively affected by them. We recognize how unfair it is that your years of hard work can be undermined by even a single, unsubstantiated negative complaint online. We will help you monitor these complaints, identify them, and mitigate their presence on online searches.

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