«Since our first Houston, TX, location got up and running in 1972, we’ve worked to create a network of friendly, locally-owned shops led by true car care pros. Including employment opportunities, our blog & news and financing options, learn more about what Meineke can offer you!»


About the Company


Automotive repair franchise with over 900 locally owned locations across the nation.


Their Struggle


They relied heavily on traditional marketing tactics, including direct mail campaigns and advertisements via phone books. As a result the company retained less than adequate local online exposure, particularly on Google maps. Their locations failed to connect to keywords frequently used in mobile phone-based online searches by prospective clients. In addition, the company further undermined their local authority because of numerous instances of deficient use of NAP (name/address/phone numbers) in vital local area directories and weak content allocation.


Our Solution


We implemented a multipronged approach, which included local search engine bulk cleanup, better data distribution, optimized listings, enhanced content, and more. We brought consistency to their local listings, of which 61% previously had no pictures or logo and almost 1/3 displayed address errors.


The Results


Once we implemented the necessary changes and upgrades, they reported:
• 18% increase in sales in our test market
• 5% increase in sales overall nationwide
• 100% increase in conversion rate of commonly used keywords in their local markets