Online Review Management is Nothing to Ignore

Do you read online reviews about companies or products before you buy? Of course you do; so does virtually everyone else these days. Study after study shows that online reviews are increasingly becoming the leading factor in what drives consumers to purchase. With this fact, how can any business choose to ignore their bad online reviews?


It seems like a no-brainer, but even today many companies fail to appreciate the power of the online review. Many are simply ignorant to the latest consumer trends, or perhaps they feel that negative comments by just a few unhappy customers isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Boy, are they wrong.


Research suggests that the majority of consumers don’t just take online reviews to heart, but they even trust them as if they had been written by someone they actually knew and loved. This gives online reviews an inordinate amount of power over your customers. But, this can be a good thing. Yes, negative reviews have influence, but so do positive ones. This is why online review management is also so useful in today’s online marketplace.


We can help you take control of your online reviews. We can bury those negative reviews and “rip off” complaints and replace them with the good feedback your company deserves. Our teams are experts at helping companies of all sizes take control of their online reviews and put an end to the tyranny of negative reviews.


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